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Virtually everyone that we surveyed recommended doing some advance preparation before bringing family caregiver advisors and health providers together as collaborators.


Critical Success Factors

These six factors are predictors of success for organizations that are seeking to engage caregiver advisors.

Caregiver Roles

There are three distinct caregiver advisory roles. Each role is associated with unique skills and will require different levels of support.

Fear of Involvement

This comprehensive guide defines the most common barriers to caregiver engagement and offers approaches to tackle each one.

How-to Guides

Tips for Successful Meetings with Advisors

Councils and committees can take three pre-emptive steps to get the most out of their meetings with caregiver and patient advisors.

How to Co-design

For best results, engage caregiver advisors in the decision-making process by following these core principals of co-design.

This two-minute video highlights common barriers to effective communication in advisory meetings with patients and caregivers.

Video Workbook

Use this workbook to overcome the five challenges identified in the video.

Start-up Templates

Workplan Templates

Use this template to document all of the councils, committees and projects that require the participation of external advisors; document the objectives of each protect; and track your progress.

Terms of Reference

This useful document briefly defines the purpose of the advisory group; the roles and responsibilities of the advisors; how decisions will be made; the frequency of meetings and more.

Advisor Request Form

Use this template to clearly define each caregiver advisor role and engage prospective advisors in applying for upcoming opportunities to contribute through their lived experiences.

List of Acronyms

The use of health system acronyms in meetings can be a major communication barrier, so why not provide caregiver advisors with a list of the acronyms they are likely to encounter.

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Building a Framework for Supporting Meaningful Family Caregiver Engagement

We set out to understand how to build and maintain meaningful collaborative partnerships with family caregiver advisors at mental health and substance use disorder organizations in Ontario, as well as to co-design knowledge products for organizations seeking to engage family caregiver advisors. Learn more about our guiding research and co-design process, About us.

Funding for this project was provided by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and The Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health with The Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research.

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