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Meaningful engagement with family caregiver advisors in mental health and substance use disorder organizations can be a challenge, but with a little advance planning or adjustments along the way, it is possible to facilitate productive and fulfilling collaboration.

To help organizations engage caregivers as advisors, we have published a series of easy-to-read knowledge products and tools, co-created by experienced family caregiver advisors, service providers and researchers.

Explore the Phases of Engagement below to access these helpful resources and tools.

Phases of Engagement

For ease of access, knowledge products have been organized into four phases of family caregiver engagement. You can dive right into the phase you are in at the moment or explore the whole series.


If you are preparing to engage family caregiver advisors or would like to strengthen your organization’s foundational engagement skills, discover helpful tips, guides and templates here.


Not quite sure how to go about recruiting family caregivers for advisory roles within your organization?  These recruitment guides, templates and advertising strategies will help.


Family caregiver advisors and health providers require training to step into new organizational roles. Use the orientation checklist, mentoring tools, videos and workbooks in this section to help establish meaningful connections and accelerate collaboration.


Organizations seeking to maintain meaningful family caregiver advisor engagement will find these retention tips and exit survey template useful.

Got two minutes?  Let lead researcher Cynthia Clark briefly introduce you to the website.

Read the Report: Building a Framework for Supporting Meaningful Family Caregiver Engagement, Survey Findings and Research Process.

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Building a Framework for Supporting Meaningful Family Caregiver Engagement

We set out to understand how to build and maintain meaningful collaborative partnerships with family caregiver advisors at mental health and substance use disorder organizations in Ontario, as well as to co-design knowledge products for organizations seeking to engage family caregiver advisors. Learn more about our guiding research and co-design process, About us.


Funding for this project was provided by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and The Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health with The Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research.

(c) Copyright. Building a Framework for Supporting Meaningful Family Caregiver Engagement, 2021. All rights reserved.

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